1.Inactive social media

Use of social media is of the major digital marketing strategies. It is crucial to ensure that it is active to direct traffic to your website or lead generation page. The use of social media platforms can no longer be ignored due t their influence in gaining attention and traffic.

For survival in the industry, your business must, therefore, use LinkedIn in B2B lead generation, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter among others.

2.Poor ranking by search engines and your competition outranking you

If you let your competitors outsmart you in SEO, then your business may soon get stalled. Popular search engines like Google are known to rank websites based on content and proper use of keyword among other things. If your competitors are ranked better, then you know you need to step up your game with your digital marketing now going into the future.

3.A website not mobile-friendly

The current trend in digital marketing demands that besides creating a business website, you need to ensure that it is mobile user-friendly to cater for the ever-increasing market base of mobile users. Google is actually cutting out websites that are not complying with this demand. Don’t let yourself lag behind.

4.Not regularly updating your blog and website

When customers visit your blog or website, they do not need to see the same content over and over again. They expect some fresh content each time they visit. In 2017 and forward you need to have a team of dedicated members that will be responsible in ensuring your blog and website are up to date with fresh quality content

5.Limited content

Content is crucial in digital marketing. Any online business relies in content to influence search engine rankings, attract customers, build a business brand and increase ROI. Both quantity and quality of content matter for a better digital marketing campaign; you therefore need to pull up your socks regarding the same.

6.Failure to engage in conversion optimization

In modern digital marketing, it is sad to note that you are not doing any conversion optimization. You can no longer ignore this aspect in the online business if you want to survive. You should, therefore, start making all data-driven changes to your website so as to increase traffic that gets to the call to action and makes the action.

Turning traffic into paying customers should be the ultimate goal for your online business. Your digital marketing should be focused on achieving this.

7.Lack of brand and product promotions

The main objective of every business is to increase revenue. In order to do so, you must attract more and more customers. Endorsing products to the maximum possible extent through digital marketing is a great idea that your business needs in 2017 and beyond.

8.Not using the maximum rule

If you don’t know what this is all about; it is a platform through which can be transmitted to as many people as possible in a single shot and from the comfort of your couch. Such strategies such as email marketing will help send the content you intend to with just one click and it gets to thousands of customers.

9.Your website looks too old and outdated

How your business website looks tells a lot about your business. Many online visitors are generally attracted to websites that look up to date and appealing to the eye. If you have been having this website for years, it is time to redesign it with the help of design experts who understand all the latest design trends and digital marketing needs.

10.You lack a clear marketing plan

Digital marketing is quite complex and it needs you to be familiar with every aspect about it that will deliver results. Email marketing, social media, web design, Content creation and SEO all should be well applied.

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